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New book release I’m excited about reading! You should be, too!

screen shot 2019-01-11 at 4.15.49 pmRagnarök Unwound is the new novel from Kristin Jacques, just released this week from Sky Forest Press, a publisher with whom I act as a consultant. The book is about a young woman whose estranged mother left her with the power to unravel the binding threads of fate. According to the publisher, this means our heroine is “stuck with immortal power in a mortal body,” resulting in her “turning her back on the duty she never wanted.” The problem comes into play when Ragnarok begins. Our heroine then joins forces with several magical creatures and has to save the world. While this sounds like a lot of chosen one stories, I love that this one is set in a world that includes Valkyrie, goddesses, and a rich mixture of mythology. Author Kristin Jacques got her start in the Wattpad Stars program and has since written for major media properties, including Warner Brothers and Hulu. Sky Forest Press is committed to putting forward voices of diversity and inclusion, particularly by publishing work with primarily female protagonists. You can read more about their mission on their website. The novel is available through major outlets, including Amazon, in paperback and ebook formats.

I’m proud to consult for Sky Forest Press, and I believe their mission of bringing certain stories and voices to the speculative fiction market is vital.


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