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“My name is Sam Brody, and I like to ruin fun.”

In the Sam Brody Bundle, exclusively available online, you’ll receive signed copies of THE RED EYE, THE HOUSE ON CONCORDIA DRIVE, a RED EYE pen, and a signed RED EYE postcard. As with all Alliteration Ink titles, you can redeem print copies for free e-book editions, too!

Begin the adventures of Sam Brody in THE RED EYE, K.W. Taylor’s debut novel. On his late-night radio show The Red Eye, Sam Brody pulls back the curtain on paranormal hoaxes, exposing the charlatans posing as psychics, vampires, and alien messengers. Sure, he started out hoping that someone would prove that there was something “more,” but after all the con artists and fakes, that hope’s gone. Sam Brody definitely doesn’t believe in the supernatural. But with one phone call, he discovers that the supernatural definitely believes in him.

Continue Sam’s adventures in the prequel novelette, THE HOUSE ON CONCORDIA DRIVE. Set just prior to the events of THE RED EYE, Sam’s job on late-night radio is to debunk the existence of things that go bump in the night. This haunting isn’t as straightforward as it seems. Up against the reputation of an infamous documentary and fighting to keep his personal life together, Sam has to discover if the case is a hoax, a ghost, or something…else. Sometimes the best investigator of a haunted house is a haunted man.


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