Publications: Non-Fiction, Literary, and Media Criticism

  • “More Matter with More Art 2: Science Fiction as Tool of Argument.” Aoife’s Kiss Magazine June 2011.
  • “More Matter with More Art: Fiction’s Usefulness as Tool of Argument.” Aoife’s Kiss Magazine December 2010.
  • “Unpacking Pandora’s Box: Cultural Problems in James Cameron’s Avatar.” Aoife’s Kiss Magazine September 2010 and reprinted in Shelter of Daylight October 2010.
  • Lost: Making the Case for Creative Conjecture” Dayton City Paper 30 January 2008.
  • Bionic WomanDayton City Paper 18 October 2007.
  • “TV Scoop from Comic-Con” Dayton City Paper 9 August 2007.
  • “Trigger-Happy Networks: The Season in Review” Dayton City Paper 14 June 2007.
  • The Dresden Files: A Shaky Adaptation” Dayton City Paper 13 February 2007.
  • “New Battlestar Galactica PR Latest Example of Sci-Fi Stigma” Dayton City Paper 15 November 2006.
  • “Review: Torchwood 1×01 – Pilot” Genre-Commentary 2006. <;.
  • “Fear and Loathing for Fall TV” Dayton City Paper 17 August 2006.
  • “The End of a Less-than-Charming Era” Genre-Commentary 2006.
  • “Review: Life on Mars 1×01 – Pilot” Genre-Commentary 2006.
  • “Television: Recapping the 2005-06 Season” Dayton City Paper 14 June  2006.
  • “Arts and Culture: Doctor Who – Instant Geek Points” Dayton City Paper 9 March 2006.
  • “Arts and Culture: With Nielsen Catching on, Maybe Some Quality Underrated TV Shows Can be Saved” Dayton City Paper 26 January 2006.
  • “Television: Night Stalker vs. SupernaturalDayton City Paper 7 December 2005.
  • “Television: Veronica MarsDayton City Paper 17 November 2005.
  • “Review: Five Seasons of Angel” Dark Worlds 2004.
  • “Conquer the Land and Castrate the Gunfighter: Sexual Symbolism in Literature of the American West.” The Fogdog Review 6(2002): 16-25.
  • “Inspiration for Amorous Imagery in Keats’ ‘Ode on a Grecian Urn.'” The Fogdog Review 5(2001-2002): 47-51.

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