Now available!

The short fiction anthology Once Bitten, Never Die has now been released by Wicked East Press! $16.99, ISBN #978-1617061653. Available from these fine retailers:

Featuring my short story, “Sparkling Teeth and Sacrifices,” as well as work by Heidi Lengwenat, Steven Gepp, William Greer, George  Wilhite, Edward Ahern, Rob E. Boley, Jaimie Capelin, Ryan King, Suzanne Robb,  Philip Roberts, Matt Kurtz, E. J. Tett, Stephanie L. Morrell, Henry Snider, John  X. Grey, Milan Smith, Adam P. Lewis, Eric J. Guignard, Rebecca Snow, Quinn  Hernandez, and Tara Sayers. Edited by Jessica A. Weiss.

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