Making dark subjects funny

I have hints of humor running through a lot of my work, even the genre-based stuff, and I admire and relate to a lot of people who would be called comedians or comedic writers/performers. Every now and again, a comedian gets in trouble for saying something that takes things a little too far, and that’s where I do start to feel torn. Is it okay if it’s meant in a humorous light? Is it okay to be offended? Where does one draw the line with subject matter, political correctness, etc.?

Ultimately, I think with scary/bad situations that you’re trying to make light of in order to defuse them, there needs to be an element to it that makes it still clear that you’re not advocating the original issue. If it’s not obvious to your audience that you’re being ironic/satiric/pointing out why the bad thing is still bad, then I think you’re no longer being funny and instead are just being mean. If you thought otherwise, work on your wording or delivery as applicable.

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