Endorphins and Creativity

There was a study conducted by multiple British universities in 1997 that established that both mood and creativity are enhanced by physical activity. A quick review of what endorphins are responsible for would seem to support this. I’m not a doctor or scientist, admittedly, but I am a creative person as well as a person who is occasionally prone to feeling blocked in my creativity. I spoke about the benefits of yoga on one’s writing (and vice versa) recently, but much of yoga’s benefit is meditation-based. If you also want to release feel-good hormones and get your creative juices flowing, just thirty minutes of cardiovascular exercise is the way to go.

As we hit the midpoint of NaNoWriMo, you may be racking your brain for ideas. Why not take a stroll around the block and do a few sun salutations? It can’t hurt, and more likely than not, it’ll actually help.



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